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DPC JOURNAL SPOTLIGHT: Meet NewCare MD, they opened in January.

About NewCare MD

NewCare MD uses an innovative model of care known as Direct Primary Care. In this model, physicians are paid directly by their patients through a monthly membership (much like a gym) instead of government payers or insurance companies. Direct primary care restores the relationship to the patient and the physician and keeps the focus on your health. NewCare MD physicians see a limited number of member patients — which means NewCare MD can offer 30 minute office visits instead of herding you through the clinic like cattle. Our members also enjoy same day appointments and easy access to our physicians via phone, text or email — all for less than the cost of the typical cell phone bill.

Learn More: newcaremd.com

The concept is straightforward: Members pay a set monthly membership, from $50 to $75, and gain unlimited access to a doctor for roughly 75 percent of a person’s health care needs — mostly treatment for common illnesses.  The plan would not cover catastrophic events, ones requiring hospitalization, but Village founder John Morgan Hughes said consumers can mix and match. A Village membership plus, let’s say, $120/month for catastrophic insurance, would still be less than the $330 silver policy Hughes had been paying. ~By Anna Wolfe, Clarion Ledger | Jan 19, 2018


SOURCE: https://www.clarionledger.com/story/news/politics/2018/01/19/cutting-out-health-care-middle-man-ms-pulse/1037991001/


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