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EDITOR: “Happy hour in DPC (FL) … with parallels in Craft Beer space.”

For quite some time, The DPC Journal has been monitoring happenings in other free market businesses, non-healthcare related [Florida and elsewhere across the country]. We believe there is a lot that can be learned by the regulatory treatment given to other free market businesses … as well as direct-to-consumer business concepts and how certain stakeholders and regulatory bodies view these emerging ideas. Some involve the craft brewing industry vs. large beer distributors, Tesla Motor Company vs. automotive dealer associations and the like. DPC should be watching carefully how other State regulatory persons and stakeholders treat other Free Market business concepts and how future adjustments to an existing bill can/will impact DPC in the future. Has a precedent been set? Or, has a sleeping giant been woke for more lawmakers to make future modifications, edits, and/or adjustments to good and bad existing DPC bills?


According to The Citizen, ‘… Unfortunately, a troubling trend continues: well-connected special interests using state government to thwart competition. Examples abound. Beer distributors blocked small craft breweries from direct sales, which wineries have done for years. Hospitals blocked reform of certificate of need laws that limit competition. Trial lawyers blocked medical malpractice reform. Dentists blocked dental hygienists from expanding their scope of practice. Public education lobbyists blocked school choice for working-class families and active duty military personnel. Insurance companies blocked direct primary care agreements between patients and doctors that even Obamacare allows. Every year, it seems, another industry seeks professional licensing to limit competition. The Obama Administration as well as free-market groups around the nation have highlighted the negative consequences of these regulations. Even so, this year legislators regulated lactation consultants and attempted to regulate low-voltage contractors; last year it attempted to regulate locksmiths; in 2013 Georgia was the third state to require music therapists to be licensed. Even interior decorators are licensed.’ ~ April 2016 | SOURCE:

Readers may want to watch these stories carefully and come to their own conclusions …


Growing the craft beer industry, local brewery reacts to new microbrewery law


By Michaela Feldmann | Posted: Sun 6:09 PM, Mar 25, 2018

“Previously you had to sell to a distributor, who sold to the bar, who would then sell to the end consumer. This allows us to sell directly to those other players and kind of eliminates that middle man up to a certain point. It’s going to help us make a lot of interesting decisions and interesting growth choices coming up,” Hastad said.





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