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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr. Bridget Gruender and Liberty Family Medicine

By Liberty Family Medicine

Having fewer patients and offering extended visits allows Dr. Bridget Gruender more time to focus on the health of the entire patient, which is much more complex than merely the diagnoses assigned to the patient. Source: Liberty Family Medicine, Columbia, MO

Born and raised in southeast Missouri, Dr. Bridget Gruender has been a Columbia resident most of her adult life. Her husband is a Columbia native, and they agree that there is no better place to call home and raise their family. After graduating from medical school in Columbia at the University of Missouri, Dr. Gruender entered the Cox Family Medicine Residency Program in Springfield, Missouri. She chose family medicine as her specialty because she appreciates the unique relationships she is able to form, not only with one individual, but with an entire patient’s family. She enjoys caring for all ages, treating many types of common illnesses, and performing minor procedures. Having fewer patients and offering extended visits allows Dr. Gruender more time to focus on the health of the entire patient, which is much more complex than merely the diagnoses assigned to the patient. This allows more convenience and flexibility for both the patient and the physician, resulting in the highest quality primary care. Imagine how great it would be to email or text your physician from anywhere and receive timely treatment rather than deal with the inconvenience of an urgent care, or waiting weeks or even months to see your physician. This is just one of many incredible examples of how Liberty Family Medicine can change the way you feel about primary medical care.

Have you ever wanted a doctor in the family so you could easily seek medical care and advice when you need it from someone who really knows you? As a patient of Liberty Family Medicine, you will finally have that kind of personal and easily accessible relationship with your doctor.

Liberty Family Medicine is a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic that opened in July 2016 in southwest Columbia. The practice thrives by cutting out the middle man and welcoming you into the family; it has returned family medicine to its root values of excellent care and compassionate familiarity with every patient. Membership at Liberty Family Medicine offers the accessibility, convenience, and affordability you need, as well as the added amenities you want, including same or next day extended appointments with your personal physician and convenient access via phone, email, text, or video chat.

DPC clinics are membership-based practices that do not accept insurance and thus are free from the expensive and burdensome administrative constraints of the government and private insurance companies. This allows Liberty Family Medicine to enroll fewer patients per doctor: 600-800 as compared to the 2,500-3,500 a traditional primary care physician maintains.
When paired with a health savings account (HSA) or high-deductible catastrophic insurance plan to pay for hospitalizations and emergencies, membership at Liberty Family Medicine will be similar in cost or cheaper than most medical coverage, with the added advantage of excellent, personalized, and easily accessible primary care.

Liberty Family Medicine membership can also be added to supplement your existing health care coverage. This allows for personalized care, convenience, and flexibility for patients who want full control of their medical care. At Liberty Family Medicine, we offer the additional benefits of greatly reduced laboratory tests and on-site dispensation of some of the most common medications. This will further increase the value of your membership.

As a member of Liberty Family Medicine, here are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Full service primary care for all ages
  • Extended office visits as needed
  • Direct access to YOUR physician
  • Greatly reduced laboratory tests and commonly prescribed medications
  • Inexpensive and direct service
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • Many common procedures and diagnostic tests at low or no additional cost
  • Visits with YOUR physician same or next day
  • Full access via traditional office visits and technology (phone, email, text, video chat, etc.)
  • Small patient panel size allowing unique and personalized care

SOURCE: https://libertyfamilymed.com/

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