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DPC Journal SPOTLIGHT: Meet Dr Tatiana Arolli

Dr. Tatiana Arolli

Internal Medicine Physician, Optimal Health DPC
 COME TO OUR OPEN-HOUSE/ RIBBON-CUTTING CEREMONY ON FEBRUARY 14TH, 9 AM-12 NOON! Bring your friends, co-workers or anyone who would like to learn more about the practice. Refreshments will be served. All attendees will be entered for a chance to win 1 of 10 FREE months of membership and a grand prize of 6 FREE months of membership.

“I have been taking care of very sick patients in the last few years and realized a lot of their health decline could have been prevented. The lifestyle choices we make have a huge impact on our future. At Optimal Health, I will have time to get to know you well and help you live a healthier life by reinforcing or creating good habits. We may even be able to stop some of the medications you are taking now.” — Dr. Arolli | Source: Optimal Health DPC

Dr Tatiana Arolli is a Board- Certified Internal Medicine Physician. She has graduated magna cum laude from St Joseph’s College in Brooklyn, NY where she majored in Biology and moved to Kirksville, MO to attend Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (the founding school of Osteopathic Medicine). She later completed an Internal Medicine residency at St Michael’s Medical Center in Newark NJ. She has been working as a Hospitalist at Lehigh Valley Hospital since completion of residency. She is now following her passion of opening a Direct Primary Care Practice.

Optimal Health Direct Primary Care
8133 Easton Road Suite 115
Ottsville, PA 18942
Office 267-454-6896

“I have learned about Direct Primary Care concept a few years ago, and truly believe it’s a solution to our health care crisis! I am very passionate about promoting it and very excited to bring it to our community.”

SOURCE: https://www.optimalhealthdpc.com/


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