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The techno-future’s promise: A short-read Q&A with Tim O’Reilly

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 There are already people working on concierge medicine in health care. All the pieces are there. Paul Farmer is doing this in Haiti for Christ’s sake with community health workers. Now, imagine a community health worker upskilled with AI and telemedicine, and the equivalent of Google Glass, able to make house calls, because we already know that intervening with the heavy users before they show up in the emergency room actually saves money in the system.

By James Pethokoukis @JimPethokoukis November 9, 2017 3:15 pm | AEIdeas

In the new bookWTF: What’s the Future, and Why It’s Up to Us, founder and CEO of O’Reilly Media Tim O’Reilly argues Silicon Valley and the innovation it’s fostering can be either a fount of amazement or a source of dismay. The direction technology leads our society is ultimately up to us: the policymakers and the public they represent. He joined the podcast to discuss how Americans should respond to the coming changes, and whether our government is up to the task. To listen to the podcast, you can subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher, or download it on Ricochet. Below is an abbreviated transcript of our conversation. You can read the whole conversation, here.



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