A Return to the Good Ol’ Days? ~General Surgery News

OCTOBER 19, 2017

The Rise of Concierge Medicine: A Return to the Good Ol’ Days?

Alan L. Saperstein, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Boca Raton, Fla., did not realize the patient referred to him was enrolled in a concierge medical practice until the referring primary care physician telephoned him to discuss the patient’s medical condition and history in detail. It did not matter to Dr. Saperstein that he was dealing with a patient who paid an annual fee to receive additional services from the primary care physician (PCP), he said, because he does not treat concierge patients differently from any other referral. However, Dr. Saperstein said, there was a clear difference in the care that concierge patients receive from their PCPs. “Those primary care physicians have more of a tendency to get involved,” Dr. Saperstein said about doctors who belong to a concierge medical practice. “They talk to me directly about my treatment plan. They are more likely to follow up with me postoperatively and to question what the patient’s postoperative protocol will be.”

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