PRESS: Hint Health Releases Comprehensive 2017 Direct Primary Care Trends Report

SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / November 28, 2017 / San Francisco-based startup Hint Health, a pioneer in workflow automation for Direct Primary Care (DPC) physicians, has released a comprehensive report on operational trends within the growing Direct Primary Care industry. Hint’s 2017 Direct Primary Care Trends Report offers insightful, ground-level data on all aspects of the DPC industry including nationwide growth trends, pricing trends, payment trends and key demographic information.

Hint Health’s complete “2017 Direct Primary Care Trends Report” may be viewed HERE.

“Besides being a snapshot into the exploding Direct Patient Care movement, Hint’s 2017 Direct Primary Care Trends Report provides valuable insights for any physician currently running or considering a DPC model,” said Hint’s CEO Zak Holdsworth. “Most importantly, the report sheds light on some of the back office administration details which become a greater concern for DPC doctors. The report will help any physician to benefit from the accumulated experiences and data gathered from hundreds of other doctors successfully running their own DPC practices around the country.”

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Hint launched in 2013 with one mission – to provide the tools for direct care doctors to automate their back office operations and DPC administration. Hint’s advanced SaaS platform includes all the software engines for robust plan management, patient onboarding, billing & collections, eligibility management and even inventory control necessary to streamline a direct primary care practice. Practices using Hint average more than $29,000 in recovered revenue annually which would have been lost due to billing issues, simultaneously saving 25 employee hours each month. Hint’s services allow a DPC practice to rapidly scale-up and effectively serve many more patients.

The direct primary care model is typically structured as a monthly subscription, with patients paying their doctor anywhere from $25 to $100 per month for service which typically includes all routine visits, same-day or next-day appointments and even medications and lab tests purchased at a wholesale price. Hint has found that less than 2% of DPC practices charge more than $175 per month.

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The model of direct primary care, while still relatively small, has been growing nationally at an impressive rate. According to Hint Health, the fastest-growing states see panel sizes expanding at an astounding 2,084% per year, with even the lowest-growth states reporting an average of 67% increase over the past year.

Doctors and other health providers interested in viewing the complete “2017 Direct Primary Care Trends Report” can download it here.

About Hint Health

Founded with an exclusive focus on the direct care movement, Hint has been working with trail blazing physicians to automate their administration workflows since 2013, making it easy to operate and scale-up this new practice model while efficiently managing overhead costs.


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(661) 332-8096

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