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Jed Constantz | “Getting Out of the Box with Primary Care”

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The conversation focused on what constitutes high value, accountable primary care, and the type of investment is necessary by self-funded employer to ensure that type of care delivery.

Dr. Jed Constantz Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer


EP. 118 | Direct Primary Care (DPC) 2018 Legislative Happenings Overview | Run Time: 31:35 | By The DPC Journal

Attendees at the recent National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasing Coalitions (NAHPC) annual event witnessed an open and candid conversation between those who pay for care – employers – and those who deliver / arrange for care – primary care. The conversation focused on what constitutes high value, accountable primary care, and the type of investment is necessary by self-funded employer to ensure that type of care delivery. Louise Cohen, CEO of the Primary Care Development Corporation offered a broad-brush perspective of the challenges and opportunities for primary care, including the need for a compensation model that supports efforts to align care with patient need versus simply reimbursing care that is covered. Chris Larson, DO, a direct primary care model private practice physician from Austin, Texas outlined the fairly broach range of services he can offer patients in exchange for a monthly payment in advance of care and the ability to align that care with individual patient needs. Chris Beck, VP, Operations for Union Hospital’s employed primary care physician practice shared the results and impact associated with the Direct Primary Care Program implemented nearly two years ago for the benefit of hospital employees and covered dependents – including a 17% reduction in aggregate spend and a reduction of the “medically homeless” rate to less than 20%. Conrad Flick, MD, a consultant to the recently constituted Community Care Physician Network (CCPN) – a primary care network of physicians in North Carolina spawned by the nationally recognized Community Care of North Carolina (CCNC) – shared the development of CCPN to organize and deliver a high value, accountable primary care network for self-funded employers.

The Primary Care Innovators Network (PCIN), as a member of the National Health Leadership Council (NHLC) for the NAHPC, was instrumental in the success of this session wherein yours truly served as moderator for the event and organized the focus and insight offered by the panel. The PCIN will be continuing this conversation at the upcoming The Power and Impact of Primary Care to Deliver Outcomes that Matter to Patients and Employers event in Dallas, Texas on November 30th. This event has been scheduled to occur the day after the upcoming Dallas Fort Worth Business Group on Health (DFWBGH) on November 29th at the same venue – the Irving Convention Center. Marianne Fazen, PhD, CEO of the DFWBGH, and Chris Skisak, PhD, CEO of the Houston Business Coalition on Health will lead the employer conversation at the PCIN event on November 30th, along with Mark Haerr, Assistant Vice President, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) as a local employer representative. Be sure to mark your calendars and plan on joining this important and transformative conversation. Click here to Register.



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