Access Falters Amidst Good Patient Primary Care Relationships |

Sixty-one percent of patients said they would choose an urgent care or retail clinic over their PCP, despite good patient primary care relationships.

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By Sara Heath

October 02, 2017 – Despite reported positive patient and primary care provider relationships, patients still experience barriers accessing care but see the upsides of urgent and retail care clinic offerings, according to a survey from Mercy Health System of Southeastern Pennsylvania. The survey of 1,700 adult patients found that 59 percent of patients think their primary care provider cares about them on a personal level and 49 percent believe their PCP knows them personally, highlighting perceived positive relationships with their providers. The data showed that patients know their PCPs in return, with 75 percent of patients saying they know their provider by name. That’s more than patients can say for their urgent care and retail clinic providers. Only 15 percent of patients said they know the name of the clinician who most recently treated the patient in a retail clinic. Twelve percent of patients could say the same about their latest urgent care clinic provider, and 8 percent for their most recent free clinic provider.



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