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CLARK.com | Faith-based risk pools alternatives to traditional health insurance

Theo Thimou | August 24, 2017 10:45 am

If you’ve ever tried to shop for health care by price, you know it’s a frustrating experience. That’s because health care as an industry has steadfastly rejected price transparency, with the exception of nurse-in-a-box operations that generally do post prices. But that frustrating feeling may soon go away thanks to several innovative new websites.

Know what you’re going to pay before you go under the knife

We’ve reached a point where there a number of sites that can help you shop for health care procedures as varied as MRIs, CT scans, mammograms and blood work.

Amino is a free service that allows you to research the cost of a particular procedure at your doctor of choice based on the insurance you have! It pulls together data from other people who have the same insurance who already had the procedure you’re looking for at the doctor you’re considering.

The site now boasts pricing data on 550,000 physicians, 78 procedures and 129 insurance companies. Among the procedures you can get a quote for on Amino are ACL surgery, EKGs, hernia surgery, knee arthroscopy, skin tag removal and vasectomy.

For example, ACL surgery in Jacksonville, Fla., with United Healthcare as your insurer yields quotes that range from $7,957 to $10,841 for the same procedure at different doctors throughout the area. In another example, a liver biopsy in the Los Angeles area with Aetna can run you anywhere from $3,838 to $4,411. So it pays shop wisely!


SOURCE: http://clark.com/insurance/comparison-shop-mri-ct-scan-mammogram-bloodwork/

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