PARKINSON, MD: Telehealth vs. Direct Primary Care vs. Sherpaa

Biggest Deficiency: Neighborhood-based practices do not scale for larger geographically widespread companies. Advantages: Personalized, high quality care for employees with access to the practice (Read More …)

By Jay Parkinson Founder & CEO at Sherpaa

SEPTEMBER 29, 2017 – If you’re a broker, benefits consultant, or independent TPA, it’s important to understand your clients’ options for increasing healthcare access for employees. Accessing healthcare appropriately and cost-effectively is wildly difficult for people. They’re sick or hurt and scared. Changing behavior so people use healthcare intelligently isn’t easy, especially when people think they need a doctor fast and default to the ER or urgent care center or go directly to a specialist for care. And the second they step foot in the healthcare system, the system attempts to bill them as much as they can. Over the last 15 years, a few concepts have evolved as options to streamline access to care and attempt to save money for companies and individuals. Here’s a quick overview of the top 3 primary care innovations.



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