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FORBES: The practice of concierge medicine is booming ….

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Why You Might Need A Health Advocate Is Why You Might Need A Concierge Physician ~Forbes

The practice of concierge medicine is booming, in part, to address the weaknesses and limitations of the traditional healthcare system. Concierge medicine is usually very much patient centered. Consequently, one role that many concierge physicians are embracing is that of healthcare advocate.

By Russ Alan Prince , Forbes, Contributor

Sep 6, 2017 @ 06:40 AM – If you get sick dealing with specialists and hospitals, a healthcare advocate can be extremely important. A healthcare advocate can be family, friend, hired professional, or your primary care physician. He or she helps you ask questions and makes sure you are getting the information concerning your illness. Many healthcare advocates have a solid medical background, which enables them to act as a “navigator” of treatment options on your behalf.




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