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STUDY | This patch could change the way we fight the flu

Study says new patch is simple and effective flu vaccine

By Sally McDonald | June 30, 2017 3:58 pm

Needle-phobes rejoice! A potentially game-changing way to administer the influenza vaccine just performed remarkably well in a human clinical trial. The new method doesn’t involve a shot or a spray — it’s a patch with tiny vaccine-filled needles (the scientific term is microneedle patch) that dissolve directly into your skin. According to the study, the patch is painless and you can apply it yourself. The results show that vaccination with the microneedle patch was safe, effective against fighting the flu and preferred by participants in the trial. In fact, more than 70% of patch recipients reported they would prefer the patch over a shot or the nasal spray for future vaccinations. “People have a lot of reasons for not getting flu vaccinations,” according to Mark Prausnitz, Ph.D., Georgia Tech Regents professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering. “One of the main goals of developing the microneedle patch technology was to make vaccines accessible to more people.”




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