DPC JOURNAL SPOTLIGHT: “Digital Cyber Doc: Benefits for Employers”

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Patient Benefits | By Digital Cyber Doc | Los Angeles, CA | 2017

JUST IMAGINE You wake up one morning with sudden cold-like symptoms: stuffy nose, cough, congestion. You have trouble getting an appointment with your existing doctor and you don’t want to miss time at work by sitting in an urgent care or ER waiting room.

Digital Cyber Doc Benefits for Employers

Presentation2Digital Cyber Doc is capturing a lot of attention from employers recently, and with good reason. Medical costs are expected to continue to trend upward in the near future; PricewaterhouseCoopers Health Research Institute projects an increase of 6.5% in 2014. More employers are also implementing consumer-driven healthcare plans (CDHPs), which increase out-of-pocket medical expenses for plan participants. The rise in CDHP use is prompting both employers and employees to look for ways to offset out-of-pocket costs. An overlooked solution is Digital Cyber Doc, which is changing the way people seek and get medical advice, diagnoses and prescriptions.

While Digital Cyber Doc has been around in one way shape or form for a long time, advances in communication technologies and the Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) focus on efficient and cost-effective care have helped reshape this approach to healthcare delivery. Digital Cyber Doc has come a long way from connecting patients in far-off places with a doctor possessing a particular expertise. Today, Digital Cyber Doc puts a subscriber (i.e., an employee) in touch with a U.S. board-certified physician in their state to treat common ailments such as colds and flu, sinus infections, allergies, pink eye, etc. Digital Cyber Doc gives the patient direct access to a doctor 24 hours a day, seven days a week and 365 days a year. The consultation can take place by a phone call, email or a web-based video call, and may include discussing symptoms, treatment options and prescriptions. Digital Cyber Doc consultations are a supplement for non-emergency treatment and visits to a primary care physician. And best of all, Digital Cyber Doc helps make healthcare affordable.

What’s the advantage for employers?

Including Digital Cyber Doc as a part of an overall portfolio of group employee benefits has become an important healthcare cost containment tool. Digital Cyber Doc reduces office co-pays for employees and claim costs to the employer’s group healthcare plan. In a study of 17,000 telemedicine participants, hospital admissions dropped by 30% and doctor visits were reduced by 60% for a savings of 45% in unnecessary doctor and emergency room visits.

The American Medical Association (AMA) states that 70% of doctor’s office visits can be handled over the phone and 50% of ER visits are non-emergencies. Digital Cyber Doc’s savings in claim costs range from $300 per year for a single employee or more than $1,000 per year for a family of four.

Digital Cyber Doc Phone Consultations

Digital Cyber Doc is getting better, and is leading the way. Whether you need simple medical advice or more in-depth treatment and diagnosis, our phone doctor consultations are the simplest way to get connected with the care you need at the precise moment you need it. Gone are the days of waiting rooms, paperwork, and long drives. Become an member and get connected today!

Why phone doctor consultations?

Phone doctor consultations are simple and hassle-free. No waiting rooms, no appointments, no nonsense. A few of the benefits include:

  • Easy access to physicians, even on weekends
  • No waiting rooms
  • Diagnosis and prescriptions when applicable
  • Less travel
  • Complete privacy
  • Patients have more options with Telehealth. They can speak to a physician, a pediatrician, or even a behavioral therapist.
  • Telehealth reduces costly and unnecessary office visits, urgent care visits and emergency room visits. Online consultations are usually lower than a co-pay.
  • For people who travel, work in rural locations or live in underserved cities, Telehealth can sometimes mean receiving care or not.
  • Online doctor visit convenient, immediate and saves time. No long waits to get in to see a doctor and no time off of work.



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