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The DOCPRENEUR PODCAST: Meet Remedy, costs about the same as an urgent care clinic.

“THE DOCPRENEUR” PODCAST — Meet Remedy (AUSTIN, TX) Source: http://www.remedyurgentcare.com/

“Remedy is sort of a new twist on the old house call,” explains the company’s CEO and co-founder Dr. Jeremy Gabrysch. “We are basically trying to use technology to make it more efficient. So we have an app and a mobile website where people can request a provider, and the system will match that person with a provider who’s closest to them and bring the provider to their door.”



Michael Tetreault (Editor of the trade journals, Concierge Medicine Today & The Direct Primary Care Journal) talks with an entirely new healthcare delivery business model making its way into the Austin, Texas market, REMEDY. Remedy is an Austin-based medical practice that brings board-certified medical providers to your doorstep in under two hours. With transparent pricing, we attend to your urgent care needs conveniently in the comfort of your own home or office. We provide a variety of urgent care and minor emergency needs. Stitches, IV fluids, splinting, strep testing to name just a few. Give us a call or message us if you aren’t sure about something.

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