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Two direct primary care clinics close, calling model’s viability into question | MobiHealth News

By Jonah Comstock | June 01, 2017 | MobiHealth News

Two direct primary care providers have shut down this year, with the latest, Qliance, planning to close its doors on June 15th. Turntable Health shut down in January. A piece in Medical Economics points out that Qliance was one of the pioneers in the field of direct primary care, and quotes experts wondering whether its demise paints a larger picture of the viability of the business model. Dr. Samir Qamar, CEO of MedLion, another Las Vegas-based DPC business, said that he believes the movement itself is not in danger. “In an industry as nascent as Direct Primary Care, still finding its roots, relying exclusively on venture capital from day one is risky,” he told MobiHealthNews in an email. “MedLion has found great success in slowly peeling away layers of various markets over several years, markets still settling from changing healthcare laws. At the end of the day it’s about the team, business strategy, and execution, not just the vision. Direct Primary Care as an industry shall continue to grow — there are more success stories than failures.”


SOURCE: http://www.mobihealthnews.com/content/two-direct-primary-care-clinics-close-calling-models-viability-question


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