E. Bliss, MD, The News Tribune (May 27) | “Despite all our efforts, we have found that the more we grew and proved that this really works, the more the system resisted us and made it harder and harder to survive,” said Dr. Erika Bliss, Qliance’s chief executive.

The on-site health-care clinic concept hasn’t faded either.  Urgent-care and in-store clinics, designed to help consumers avoid expensive and crowded emergency rooms for routine medical procedures and treatment of minor injuries and illnesses, continue to proliferate.  And even as Qliance sinks, health-care ventures continue to spring up, their entrepreneurial sponsors sure that this time they’ve got the prescription to cure the system’s ills.  Whether they do will be tested by continuing issues that include industry consolidation and the future of federal and state-government health insurance plans and laws.

DPC JOURNAL examines the TIMELINE to closure | Reports confirmed … “Health care startup [Qliance, est 2007] will cease operations, June 1, 2017”

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By Bill Virgin, Contributing writer, The News Tribune

May 27, 2017 1:08 PM – Those of us in the business-and-technology prognostication game are forever trying to see around corners, over the horizon and through the fog of the future, to catch a glimpse of the next big trend.  No one wants to be the one who dismissed some invention or start-up as a failure or a fantasy, only to have it reshape its sector and how people live their lives.  But there’s also an occupational hazard in the other direction: Hailing some idea or development, only to have it sputter out.  Such is the case with health-care clinic operator Qliance.


Qliance healthcare startup cites lender fraud for sudden shutdown as patients are left in the lurch



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