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DPC Journal | P.A. SPOTLIGHT: Meet Jill Rine, PA-C

“But God was calling me to take care of people and this is the way I can do it. Now I can sleep at night knowing that I’m able to provide just a bit more medical care to patients. They don’t have to worry about getting to the doctor’s office. I go to them.” ~Jill Rine can be contacted by calling 402-770-8513 or e-mailing directpatientcarepc@gmail.com.

Direct Patient Care, P.C. is the idea of 20 – year practicing Certified Physician Assistant, Jill Rine.

By Peggy Brown

MAY 10, 2017 – WAVERLY – Jill Rine of Waverly, NE is more than aware than patients are released from the hospital a day or two earlier than they might want.  That is one reason that the physicians assistant has created Direct Patient Care, P.C.

Direct Patient Care, P.C., is a unique medical practice specializing in bringing exceptional patient care directly to the patient. Call 402-770-8513 | Visit the practice on Facebook … | Visit Web Site … www.directpcne.com

About Our Services

  • DPC Journal unpacks & spotlights this growing side of Direct Primary Care …

    Acute care visits

  • Lab ordering and review*

  • X-ray ordering and review*

  • Blood Pressure Monitoring and Management

  • Diabetic Monitoring and Management

  • Dementia and Memory Care and Management

  • Removal of Cerumen (ear wax)

  • Detailed review of medical, family, and social history and update of medical record;

  • Personalized Health Risk Assessment utilizing current screening guidelines;

  • Preventative health counseling, which may include: weight management, smoking cessation, behavior modification, stress management, etc.;

  • Custom Wellness Plan to include recommendations for immunizations, additional screening tests/evaluations, fitness and dietary plans;

  • Complete physical exam and form completion as needed.

  • Dementia and Memory Care


SOURCE: http://www.wahoo-ashland-waverly.com/waverly/news/rine-begins-direct-medical-care-program-in-area/article_179d7030-34ce-11e7-af57-6b74dadb33f9.html

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