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EDITOR: The Direct Primary Care (DPC) Difference: ‘inherent, not ascribed value.’ ~DPC Journal

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MARCH 21, 2017 – “In both Concierge Care and DPC, people have inherent, not ascribed value. But there are significant differences between the two categories or sectors in our modern healthcare age and it’s time we learn what they are. We see that there’s no class order … no first class or second class, just people for whom doctors serve each day in both sectors. They’ve built clinics for children, families and people who are sick … and it is these visioneering physicians who are drawing attention to the cost of healthcare across the country and designing ways for it to be available and affordable for anyone.” ~Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal

GLOSSARY of TERMS – Click Here >

Boutique Medicine.

See definition for Membership Medicine.

Cash-Only Medicine.

See definition for Direct Primary Care (DPC).


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