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HSAs are key to Republican plans to “repeal and replace” the ACA — Now the moment represents both opportunity and survival to Keese, executive director of the Direct Primary Care Coalition.

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As flat fees become more widespread, “there’s some ambiguity in the tax code right now as to whether all of it is deductible,” said Nash. “A lot of providers are moving towards that model, especially in the primary care and internist world, where you want to be able to see your doctor [a certain number of] times a year.”


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By Emma Court, Reporter, MarketWatch

MARCH 6, 2017 – Jay Keese says 2017 could be a make-or-break year for “membership medicine.”  Keese’s group represents doctors who’ve broken with the traditional model of paying for health care, favoring direct monthly payments that cover appointments and basic services.  As more and more Americans have opened tax-exempt health savings accounts, which accompany high-deductible health plans, direct primary care doctors haven’t benefited from the trend. Internal Revenue Service rules prohibit consumers from having HSAs alongside direct primary care memberships.

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