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TECHNOLOGY, Meet DNA Unwrapped: “Available online for $169, it includes a simple cheek swab kit and user-friendly instructions.”

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Available online for $169 (half of which is refundable if you book a trip with the company), it includes a simple cheek swab kit and user-friendly instructions. After you drop your sample in the mail to the company’s primary partner lab, Living DNA, its scientists use industry-leading technology to analyze your genetic fingerprint and reveal your family’s ancestry from up to 80 regions worldwide. While the likes of 23andMe and offer similar testing services, DNA Unwrapped’s partner labs have created proprietary algorithms to provide a more detailed picture of your heritage than competitors can, and no other ancestral testing company uses the findings to design journeys of discovery for clients.

LEARN MORE ABOUT "Genetic Concierge Medicine" ...

LEARN MORE ABOUT “Genetic Concierge Medicine” …

By Alexandra Kirkman, Forbes, Contributor

FEBRUARY 7, 2017 – As discerning travelers increasingly seek out journeys that speak to them in meaningful and unexpected ways, many outfitters—in response to a shifting definition of luxury travel that continues to evolve beyond five-star hotels and superior service toward ever-more-customized itineraries—are crafting a dizzying array of “bespoke” sojourns. Now a young, London-based startup, Travel Unwrapped, is upping the ante by using DNA to create truly unique adventures that help clients discover their roots and infusing the phrase “trip of a lifetime” with new meaning in the process.




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