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J. CONSTANTZ: Healthcare Delivery is Not a Chorus Line

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Chief Strategy Officer / SVP, Client Relations at Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions

Chief Strategy Officer / SVP, Client Relations at Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions

By Jed Constantz

Co-Founder / Chief Strategy Officer / SVP, Client Relations at Employer Advantage Health Care Solutions

February 8, 2017

Self-funded employers continue to be victims of so-called community based efforts to transform entire “networks” of provider groups and organizations. These efforts tend to be naive in their expectations that all components of healthcare delivery and all physicians can evolve in lockstep. As a result, self-funded employers continue to waste money with both hands while “waiting” for healthcare delivery “systems” to improve performance as a whole.

While improving healthcare delivery and developing healthcare accountability for entire communities is an important goal, the best strategy to do so remains a matter of debate. For those of us with direct experience in healthcare finance and delivery, we’ve come to understand not all clinicians or systems are equal in their ability, or willingness for that matter, to progress toward value based care delivery at the same pace. This means a smarter move for self-funded employers would be to look for those elements of healthcare delivery leading the pack in the development and deployment of real value based care.

On behalf of self-funded employers, we call this the “correct community of primary care.” These are primary care practices, led by high performing primary care physicians, able to work as teams, and ready to be held accountable for triple aim results for the cohort of patients they care for. Why wait for every primary care physician and practice to figure this out? Why not “feature and favor” those who have, and allow others to decide whether they can or even want to. On behalf of self-funded employers, this is what we do.



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