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AVILES, M.D.: “My Personal Thank You. Building a Different Medical Practice For You.”

Innova Medical Care, and Dr. Maribel Aviles, M.D. based in Orlando, FL.

Innova Medical Care, and Dr. Maribel Aviles, M.D. based in Orlando, FL.

Published on January 2, 2017

By MARIBEL AVILES, M.D. Founder & Principal at Innova Medical Care

I chose to make a different contribution to my community when back in 2014 I opened Innova Medical Care. This post gets personal when I share with you it would have made more financial sense to be employed by a group of doctors then, but my heart was set in embarking on a different journey by starting a small, personable family owned medical practice.

Family owned? Yes, for my husband felt strong about supporting me financially by lending me some monies from his retirement plan to make this happen. And since, he and my kids have been very present in the nitty gritty of it all.

Why am I sharing this piece of my life story with you? There is power in family working together! There is power in your life mission when you are operating in it! Communities get positively impacted by the difference you build up; and as you give, you are also transformed! I have been blessed by you, and I want to thank you.

As a small family owned small business, I really wanted my medical office to be a stand alone Family Practice office, committed to personable medical care, without big buildings and big staff. That is how Innova was born in East Orlando and how we have been serving. Isabel is my right hand, she loves what she does and her work extends mine. She is family to me.

I take time to take the trash out, I answer phones when I can, our furniture is simple, my kids help me carrying stuff back and forth from and to office, my husband fixes most of the broken and damaged items. This is not embarassing nor a secret. It is WORK and I take pride in it. I want this extra effort from our part benefit the pockets of my patients.  And this is one of my family gifts to you.

On my day to day, I thrive on patients’ successes, improvements, stories of healing and thanksgiving. Many are finally trusting ‘the medical system’ again through our care. Like one patient told me,  “At last, I am trusting doctors again”. Isn’t this what we all need, a place of trust? My heart refreshes when I hear these remarks over and over again.  I want to bring this as another of our gifts: a space of trust between you and your physician.

Without you we couldn’t have done it. Thanks for all the words of appreciation, all the gifts of love ( from delicious ‘pasteles’, and desserts, to surprising heartfelt gifts); the innumerable words of encouragement, prayers received privately and in secret; and for your sincere smiles, Facebook posts and ’emojis’, referrals (as there is no office without patients), reviews, and the list goes on! These make my heart beat stronger!

My thanks would not be complete if I did not apologize for being impatient sometimes, or if you saw a moody face here and there. And I hope you have not minded my wearing jeans. (By the way, you may not see my intellectual white coat as often from now on…).

I cherish you, and as year 2017 begins, my genuine desire is for you to know I appreciate your trust and your presence in my life. I have learned lots from you, more than you can fathom. Allow me also to encourage and give you hope as you ‘walk the walk’, for it is about legacy and giving of who you are, so the world of others is enhanced. Make your mark. Leaving the legacy you are called for will absolutely make your life more joyful and fulfilled. “There is more joy in giving than receiving”. It has been true for me.

Last , but not least, I believe that without my Heavenly Father and his gifts of health, family support and the committed love so indispensable in the steadfast giving of myself to you (for which I thank Him daily) I would not be who I am nor doing what I do.

I humbly pray that my patients and all those lives touched through many medical encounters have experienced the positive, long lasting meaning and significance of my service. It is also my hope you can share with others what we are warmly bringing into our community especially to those who are in need of “A New Kind of Medicine”.

With my deepest gratitude, may you have a powerful 2017!

Dr. Maribel Aviles, M.D.

Innova Medical Care


Dr. Maribel Aviles, M.D.

Innova Medical Care


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