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TECHNOLOGY: Meet Doctor Pocket, iOS and Android … “DP connects you to the doctor of your choice, at your convenience.”

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Your personal doctor at your fingertips

OCTOBER 11th, 2016 – Feeling sick? Imagine having a rich network of specialists on your phone. Doctor Pocket™ is an iOS and Android application that enables you to communicate with specialists from the comfort of your own home and on-the-go. Do you have a burning question you must ask? Doctor Pocket will connect you with the specialist of your choice in order to receive the medical attention you need. Book and chat with doctors from: Harvard, Yale, Johns Hopkins, and McGill. You can now avoid exposure to infections from the clinic and hospital. Talk to the doctor of your choice today, at your convenience, at your fingertips. Specialties include family medicine, pediatrics, radiology, and dermatology.

How does it work:

Personalize your account by entering basic profile information that will be seen by our doctors. Booking the appointment is also a breeze, you select a doctor by specialty and pick a date and time to meet over messenger. During your session with the specialist, you can share high resolution images, videos and voice notes directly from your phone with a simple click, it couldn’t be more user-friendly!

About Doctor Pocket:

Two brothers from Montreal launched a smartphone app this month that allows users to seek and receive professional medical advice from their cell phones.

Jeffery Khoury, Founder & CEO, says the idea for his application came to him while on vacation. “2 years ago I was extremely sick in a hotel room. I tried ‘googling’ my symptoms, ended up feeling sicker than I already was –and now in panic.” Jeffery kept thinking of people all around the world encountering the same problems. “I was determined to find a solution, not just for myself but to really improve the accessibility and quality of healthcare for everyone anywhere in the world. For those patients in areas where medical attention is hard and expensive to attain, they’ll now be connected.”

At Doctor Pocket we connect you to the doctor of your choice, at your convenience.

With the mentorship of his relatives, Jeffery began recruiting doctors and assembling a team to help build Doctor Pocket. “Two years later I am the founder of Doctor Pocket, a telemedicine smartphone app. With a team of 50 geniuses we hope to help people all over the world by connecting them to our rich network of Ivy League Physicians .”

During the virtual appointment, the user describes their medical history to the doctor, if appropriate, and their symptoms, just like at an in-person doctor visit. The difference is the virtual experience – doctors may not be able to take vitals, but with the platform’s ability to share images and videos, they can still get a visual on a patient’s symptoms.

Jeffery hopes Doctor Pocket will help prevent symptoms of minor health concerns from worsening during the wait time before a doctor visit. “I hate seeing people wait hours at the clinic, ER, or Doctors Office for a consult that only lasts a few minutes. Even worse: scanning the internet all night to end up thinking that you have cancer. How about those weeks you’d have to wait to see a specialist, you didn’t even bother booking. Rationalizing that you’d probably feel fine by then.”

“Doctor Pocket has multiple potential clients.  Individuals, Employers, Schools, Clinics, Primary Care Physicians, etc.  In the US, DPC MD’s can enter into a reciprocal relationship” notes Bill Cossart, CEO of MedFirst Partners, who has joined Doctor Pocket as EVP of Growth & Marketing.  “DPC Physicians, like all Doctor Pocket clients, are not locked into a Monthly Fee.  You only pay per e-consult.  Furthermore, while we primarily work with Specialists, DPC MD’s are encouraged to join for our Primary Care clients.  Everyone wins.”

Stop waiting, stop worrying. Having access to Ivy League specialists at the tip your fingertips within 24 hours has never been easier.  With Doctor Pocket, you have a specialist in your Pocket.

For more information:

Karine Delage
Karyzma Agency



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