TECHNOLOGY: The MEDEX SPOT Unmanned Micro Clinic & Nurse Practitioners at MEDEX SPOT Terminal



The MEDEX SPOT Unmanned Micro Clinic

medex about_solutionThe most advanced self service primary healthcare service available in the world. The UMC cabin is manufactured in the USA from the finest materials and its steel construction and high precision automatic door system makes it the heavyweight in remote medical care systems. MEDEX SPOT is a class above flimsy in-store kiosks which are often open to public gaze and are of limited medical value. The MEDEX SPOT Unmanned Micro Clinic is connected by satellite to a hospital Medical Call Center and provides the most comprehensive virtual medical examination facility possible in a cabin which is soundproofed, employs constant automatic sanitization of both the air, cabin surfaces and medical instruments handled by patients.

The cabin has been designed to provide a clean, safe and calm environment for a patient to have a virtual medical examination even in the noisiest and busiest environments in retail settings, airports, truck stops etc. Outside the cabin is a large washable sticky mat which removes 98% – 100% of surface foot and wheel borne contamination. (minimum 3 steps) so that patients entering the cabin on foot or in a wheelchair do not soil the floor. A cabin ceiling mounted camera and another camera under the patient seat takes photographs of the floor before and after the patient enters and after the patient leaves the cabin. Proprietary software determines if the floor is soiled after the patient leaves the cabin and can deduct a cleaning deposit from the patient’s SMART card and automatically take the cabin out of service and send a text message to the person responsible for cleaning the cabin.

The vital signs instruments in the cabin are all connected by communications link to a MEDEX SPOT terminal at a medical call center. The instruments are divided into three classifications (a) those that have disposable user interfaces so that the patient does not have to touch the instrument i.e. EKG monitor, Spirometer, Glucose Monitor (b) those that the patient comes in contact through their clothing i.e. Blood Pressure Cuff, Seat Back Stethoscope (c) those that are handled and require cleaning after use i.e. chest stethoscope, temporal thermometer, oximeter, dermascope.

The four instruments which require cleaning are housed in a proprietary cleaning system which stores the instruments when not in use, deploys, retracts after use and cleans the instruments after each use under control of the medical professional at the MEDEX SPOT terminal at the Medical Call Center.

The cabin is also equipped with a smoke and motion detector which together with the ceiling mounted camera and the automatic door control system is able to determine the unauthorized presence of a person in the cabin.

The cabin temperature and humidity and the pathogen level of the air in the cabin is also remotely monitored as well as the status of all instruments and cabin security by a separate MEDEX SPOT Technical Operations Center.

Connected to Medical Professionals

Nurse Practitioners at MEDEX SPOT Terminal

journal of retail medicinePatients interact directly with medical professionals over high quality video, ensuring the best possible patient experience. The medical professional has remote access to all the vital signs monitoring instruments in the MEDEX SPOT cabin and control of the deployment and automatic cleaning of those instruments which are handled by the patient.

The personal medical data which the patient enters on the E-Check in Terminal outside the cabin is stored on a SMART card. When the patient inserts the SMART card into the card reader in the cabin the patient’s medical data is automatically uploaded by satellite and displayed on the MEDEX SPOT Terminal manned by the medical professional. The MEDEX SPOT Terminal displays both the pre-entered medical record data from the SMART card and live data gathered from the medical instruments in the cabin.

In the event of an emergency the medical professional can press a button on the terminal which will open the cabin door, dial 911 with a prerecorded voice message with the location of the MEDEX SPOT cabin.

After the patient leaves the cabin the system photographs the cabin floor to determine if the patient has soiled the cabin floor. If the patient has soiled the floor then the cabin is automatically taken out service for cleaning by local staff. The terminal will advise the nurse of the cabin status and also send a text message to the local staff responsible for cleaning the cabin.

A master display at the Medical Call Center will list the status of all cabins served by the center to indicate is the cabin is unoccupied and available for use, busy with a patient having a medical examination or out of service for cleaning. The master display will also indicate the number of patients waiting to enter the cabin if the cabin is busy. The MCC manager can flash displays on the screen above the cabin door advising patients of the nearest other MEDEX SPOT cabin which is available if the cabin is out of service or there is a long queue for examinations.


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