WYOMING (Policy): With an eye on Congress, Stubson, Christensen back conservative bills in Legislature

With an eye on Congress, Stubson, Christensen back conservative bills in Legislature

Wyoming hospitals estimate they absorb $100 million a year in costs from people who are unable to pay their bills. Many of those patients would qualify for expansion.

To help hospitals with costs, Stubson said he voted for a bill that will provide hospitals and nursing homes more federal money from the Medicaid program. That bill, which became law, will provide hospitals up to $4.7 million.

With expansion, the state expected to receive about $268 million in federal dollars over the next two years.

Stubson said he is concerned about the rate of Medicaid reimbursements to doctors, hospitals and clinics, which tends to be lower than the amounts paid by insurance companies.

“The other thing we did is this direct primary care bill that allowed and set up more affordable, fixed price health care with general practitioners,” he said.

Under the law, physicians can charge a fixed, flat fee each month – instead of charging for office visits. Patients could get all their primary care covered as long as they stayed current on the fee. The legislation was necessary because there were doubts such a system was legal, Stubson said.

Stubson wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with health care reform that’s more affordable, with plans that don’t price people out, he said.

“There are provisions of (the ACA) that make sense that would be in any replacement legislation,” he said. “For example, the provisions that deal with preexisting conditions that guarantee a continuity of coverage.”



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