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Meet Dr. Murray Buttner, a DPC doc Selling His Practice, Pomfret, CT — 45 minutes from Providence, 60 minutes from Boston and Hartford. [Listing Details Attached]

QUIET CORNER FAMILY PRACTICE (Pomfret, CT; 45 minutes from Providence, 60 minutes from Boston and Hartford) – For Sale (TEL: 860-315-5400 LOCATION: Quiet Corner Family Practice Murray Buttner, MD P.O. Box 158 697 Pomfret St. Pomfret, CT 06258)

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By Bill Cossart, CEO, MedFirst Partners, LLC, bill.cossart@medfirstpartners.com 

Meet Murray Buttner, MD of Quiet Corner Family Practice | TEL: 860-315-5400 | EMAIL Dr. Buttner: quietcornerfamilypractice@gmail.com

Meet Murray Buttner, MD of Quiet Corner Family Practice, 697 Pomfret Street, Pomfret, CT 06258 | TEL: 860-315-5400 | EMAIL Dr. Buttner: quietcornerfamilypractice@gmail.com

JANUARY 8, 2016 – This Fall I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Murray Buttner, and his DPC-Expert RN Candice. We had lunch in his office which is an old farmhouse, and chatted like old friends, only to be interrupted by walk-in patients, or Candice or Murray answering the phone on the first ring.

He talked about how they have a full panel, don’t market the practice and don’t even keep a waiting list anymore. The panel is the right size and a trickle of new patients find their way to the practice to replace those who move out of the area or pass away.  DPC Utopia, right?

“We opened our door for business on Jan 2nd, 2011.  When we opened that day, I didn’t know if the direct pay model would work, but I knew that I couldn’t keep practicing in the traditional insurance based system.  Five years on, I can say definitively that the direct pay model works and that “going off the grid” was the best decision that I could have made for me, my family and my patients.

After residency I had been very fortunate to have had a series of fantastic jobs in three different small communities up in Alaska.  These jobs were all salaried and the clinics were well funded.  There was little emphasis on the business side of health care, and therefor few hurdles keeping me from practicing medicine.   When I moved back to the East Coast to take a job near my aging parents, I joined a busy multi-physician private practice.  It was a rude awakening to what has happened to our profession.  You know the litany: 10 minute visits, chasing the 99213, 99214 (and the Holy Grail 99215!), pay-for-performance, an EHR developed by a team of sadistic humorists, meaningful use, APOs, etc.  All too often I felt the presence of the 3rd party payer (government or private) in the exam room with me and the patient.  Working with the EHR made me feel like I was working at the drive-up window at McDonald’s.   The final straw was when I found myself up late every night completing charts and neglecting my young family.

Day one at my new practice I left all of that behind and never looked back.  Although the first two years out on my own were a little rough financially (I had to run the company credit card through our credit card processor a couple of times to have money to pay my nurse!), I can honestly say that I never regretted going into direct primary care even once.  It has been a joy working directly for my patients and they all appreciate being treated as a person rather than a commodity.  I am happy and my patients are happy.  I don’t hear that a lot when I hear my colleagues talking at the hospital.  Yet when I tell them I have found a better way, they look at me like I am selling time shares on Mars.

“It has been five fantastic years here at Quiet Corner Family Practice.  Unfortunately, the time has come to move back to Alaska so that we can live near my wife Jen’s family and so that she can pursue her career.  Jen will be completing her nurse practitioner training next year and she has been offered her dream job up in Anchorage (working as a midwife alongside her mentor at an excellent birth center – where our daughter was born in 2004).  She has put her career dreams on hold for a long time so that we could raise a family and so that I could practice medicine where and how I wanted to;  it is her turn now.  More importantly, she has given me the gift of letting me live near my family for the past 7 years and now it is time that we return to be closer to hers.” ~For Sale (TEL: 860-315-5400 LOCATION: Quiet Corner Family Practice Murray Buttner, MD)

So I am looking for a family practice trained physician who would like to step into an established and successful direct primary care practice in a beautiful part of Northeast Connecticut.  They call our area the Quiet Corner of Connecticut, and that is true.  Pretty country, lots of open space, excellent schools, just the right distance from three great cities: Boston, Providence and Hartford.

It is going to be hard to leave my practice, my wonderful nurse Candice and all of my patients.  It will be much easier to go if I know that I have left them all in good hands.

So, anyone want to buy a dream called “Quiet Corner Family Practice”?

Quiet Corner Family Practice Murray Buttner, MD P.O. Box 158 697 Pomfret St. Pomfret, CT 06258 TEL: 860-315-5400


  • TEL: 860-315-5400
  • LOCATION: Quiet Corner Family Practice Murray Buttner, MD P.O. Box 158 697 Pomfret St. Pomfret, CT 06258
  • Established and successful DPC practice – we will be celebrating our 5th year on 1/1/2016.
  • We are currently taking care of approximately 425 adult patients and 135 pediatric patients.
  • Additional revenue from 4 local fire departments, 3 boarding schools and several local businesses doing pre-employment and DOT/CDL physicals.
  • Exceptionally experienced, efficient and self-motivated registered nurse who would like to stay with the practice (sole employee).
  • Growth in revenue has easily outpaced growth in expenses each year of operation. The facility and the practice both have room to handle further growth, including adding a 2nd provider.
  • Beautiful location in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut. 4 miles from local community hospital (Day Kimball Hospital). Very rural with great access to 3 cities: 45 minutes from Providence, 60 minutes from Boston and Hartford. Great local schools (public and private).
  • Please find much more information at www.quietcornerfamilypractice.com

Beautiful location in the “Quiet Corner” of Connecticut. 4 miles from local community hospital (Day Kimball Hospital). Very rural with great access to 3 cities: 45 minutes from Providence …

Quiet Corner Family Practice
Murray Buttner, MD
P.O. Box 158
697 Pomfret St.
Pomfret, CT 06258
TEL: 860-315-5400
FAX: 860-315-7450

About Dr. Buttner

I am a Board Certified Family Physician, trained at the Medical School of Columbia University with an internship in Internal Medicine-Pediatrics at St. Vincent’s Hospital in New York City and a two year residency at the Department of Family and Community Medicine, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque.

My Undergraduate studies were at Yale University where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History. I was born and raised in Connecticut. I grew up in Easton and after university in New Haven I moved to New York City for medical school at Columbia University, where I also did my internship (Internal Medicine-Pediatrics, St. Vincent’s Hospital). At that point I thought that I would spend the rest of my life in the city, but it didn’t work out that way. In 1996, after participating in International Medical Volunteer work in Nepal and India, I took a job at a small Indian Health Service hospital in Acomita, New Mexico. The following year I became the Medical Director of the Alicia Roberts Medical Center on the remote island of Klawock, Alaska. I was one of two doctors on Prince of Wales Island, an island a little bigger than Long Island in New York, but with a population of only 7000 people. It was a big change from Manhattan! I supervised two physician assistants and six community-health aides, treating a population of about 1500, as well as training local E.M.S. volunteers and organizing island-wide disaster drills. With some incredible experience under my belt, I returned to the “lower 48” and completed my residency program in Family Practice at the University of New Mexico. After finishing my residency, I moved to Juneau, Alaska where I met and subsequently married my wife, Jen. For the next 3 years I worked as the Assistant Medical Director/Staff Physician to the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium and Bartlett Regional Hospital. This was a busy full range family practice providing outpatient care, inpatient hospital care and obstetrics. I delivered about 20 babies a year.

In 2005 we decided to go work overseas. While we were awaiting an assignment from Doctors without Borders, we set off on a sailboat to explore the coast of Alaska. The plan to work internationally was shelved when we found out that we were going to have a baby. The sailing voyage ended ignominiously shortly thereafter when the engine seized up and we docked in Cordova, a fishing village on Prince William Sound with no road access. Fortunately, the town needed a doctor, we loved it there and we stayed for three and a half years! For most of that time I was the only doctor in town. It was an incredible experience both personally and professionally. Given the remote location, we saw a wide range of emergencies. I was the only full-time physician for the 15 bed critical access hospital with a co-located 10 bed long-term care facility. We provided care for a winter population of around 2,500 and a summer population of more than 5,000 people. Our patient population included a diverse mix of people and cultures, including Alaska Natives, immigrant cannery workers, and U.S. Coast Guard personnel and their families. Once again I was the physician sponsor for the local E.M.S. department, supporting and training the local volunteer E.M.S. Squad… and though the hospital didn’t do deliveries, I did attend two births. I feel very lucky to have had those years practicing medicine in Cordova.

In 2008, after more than a decade living out West, we moved back to Connecticut to be near my family. It was a great decision. We love living here and can not imagine a better place to raise our two children. I am following my interests in wellness, holistic health, end-of-life issues, hospice care, reading, history, Christianity and cycling wherever I can. The professional jump from rural Alaskan medicine to private practice on the East Coast, however, has been challenging (for the reasons that I have discussed on the home page). The main reason that I opened Quiet Corner Family Practice was to create a better way to deliver primary care to my patients and their families. I hope that you will agree that we have.


Quiet Corner Family Practice
Murray Buttner, MD
P.O. Box 158
697 Pomfret St.
Pomfret, CT 06258
TEL: 860-315-5400
FAX: 860-315-7450

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