HEALTHLINE: The 6 Best Dermatology Telemedicine Sites

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Written by Natalie Silver | Published on September 22, 2015
Medically Reviewed by The Healthline Medical Review Team on September 22, 2015

You know you should see a dermatologist for rashes, moles, acne, and other skin conditions. However, fitting a visit to the dermatologist into your busy schedule can be difficult. Telemedicine is making it easier for people to receive care for their skin conditions.

Telemedicine allows you to visit the dermatologist quickly and for a relatively low cost. You can have a doctor review your skin condition without leaving your home. Simply submit a list of your symptoms and photos of the affected area through your computer, smartphone, or tablet. In most cases, you’ll hear back with a treatment plan within a few days.

What Are the Benefits and Advantages of Telemedicine?

Here are six websites that provide professional consultations from board-certified dermatologists anywhere, any time.

1. DermatologistOnCall



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