EHR Checklist for Your DPC Practice (Free)

Start the new year right with an EHR that meets the needs of your practice model.

Free Trial of In Light EHR -- Click Here.

Free Trial of In Light EHR — Click Here.

DECEMBER 27, 2015 – Did you recently open a Membership Medicine practice (i.e. Concierge Medicine, Direct Primary Care, hybrid, etc.)? Growing your patient panel, keeping costs low, and finding the right tools to support your practice can be daunting tasks at this point in your switch to a new practice model. However, purchasing an EHR with the right set of features can be key for offsetting these concerns. So, what exactly should you be looking for in an EHR?

Clutter-free interface (free of Meaningful Use)

Many EHRs have features and tools that are not relevant to a Membership Medicine practice. This only clutters up the interface of an EHR and impedes efficient documentation. Since doctors in this style of practice do not take insurance, they don’t need to participate in the Meaningful Use incentive program. Look for a product that only has features you are going to utilize.

Intuitive clinical documentation

Finding the right EHR means looking for a system with intuitive clinical documentation. An EHR that is streamlined and user friendly will not detract from the face-to-face interaction at point of care.

Additionally, look for an EHR that offers a happy medium between structured and free text fields. The ability to document a condition over time using structured fields is important for reporting purposes, but the narrative within a note is important in telling the healthcare story of a patient’s ailment.

Membership management

Having a Membership Management tool in your EHR is key and it is a feature that is not included in most. This can help you manage patient enrollment in plans, payments, and overall practice revenue. Tools like this also allow you to run reports that show outstanding balances that individuals, families, or employers might owe.

Patient engagement tools

Patient engagement tools include web portals, secure messaging tool, video chats, etc.. Patients who have 24/7 access to their physician utilize technology for communication and to take control of their health. Having these tools built into your EHR helps you care for as many patients as possible in the most efficient way.


Keeping overhead low after launching a Membership Medicine practice is important. Ask EHR vendors if they have a Membership Medicine version of their EHR so you can avoid paying for features you don’t use. Also, make sure you understand the cost of add-on features you might need in the future as you grow your practice offerings.



Free Trial – CLICK HERE …

The best way figure out if an EHR is a good fit for your practice is to get hands on with it. Ask EHR vendors if they offer a free trial so you and your office staff can try it in your practice before buying it.

Pri-Med InLight EHR is free to try and has special features for membership management practices to help you manage practice revenue, increase your subscription base, easily communicate with subscribers, and more to schedule your demo and see how.


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