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TELEHEALTH and BUSINESS: Meet “FruitStreet”, Simple Pricing.

HIPAA Compliant Telehealth Software

Source: FruitStreet.com | November 13, 2015

Monitor patients diet and lifestyle with wearable devices and mobile applications.

  • HIPAA Compliant Video Consultations
  • Access to wearable device data such as Fitbit in real time
  • Easy scheduling and payment collection with Stripe
  • Review medical records and test results
  • Share your screen and make comments
  • Brand your telehealth portal with your practice’s logo


History and Origin of Fruit Street’s Name

Fruit Street’s software is named in honor of the Massachusetts General Hospital main campus in Boston, Massachusetts, which is famously located at 55 Fruit Street in the West End district. Founded in 1811, Massachusetts General Hospital is the 3rd oldest hospital in the US, and is the original and largest teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School. The name Fruit Street is synonymous with innovation, excellence and an unending dedication to world-class patient care.

Fruit Street becomes a P.B.C.

In December of 2014, Fruit Street’s Board of Directors, Medical Advisory Board and shareholders voted to amend Fruit Street Health Inc.’s certificate of incorporation to become a Delaware Benefit Corporation or a B Corp., a designation awarded to businesses whose primary mission is to have a positive impact on society. CEO Laurence Girard elected this corporate designation as a promise to stay true to the company’s mission and to ensure the Board of Directors act in the interest of not only investors, but also employees, society, and the patients and healthcare providers that Fruit Street serves.

Partnership with VSee

Fruit Street’s HIPAA compliant telehealth software is possible through a joint venture agreement with VSee, the world’s largest telemedicine video engine with more than 3 million users. Fruit Street and VSee collaborated to build a telemedicine product that helps healthcare providers conduct HIPAA compliant video calls and monitor the diet and lifestyle of their patients using wearable devices and mobile applications. VSee is considered the gold standard for HIPAA compliant video conferencing in the telemedicine industry, and offers the most bandwidth efficient video software in the world.

Special Features For Providers

  • Create customized health questionnaires and intake forms
  • Set your availability for video consultations
  • Set patient goals and monitor their progress
  • Collect credit card payments for video consultations
  • Send HIPAA compliant chat messages to your patients
  • Maintain clinical notes during a video call and view past session notes

Special Features For Patients

  • Sync your Fitbit accounts and share the data with your healthcare provider
  • Upload medical tests from multiple sources for your records
  • Take pictures of your food and receive feedback from your healthcare provider
  • View goals that your healthcare provider sets for you
  • Send and receive HIPAA compliant chat messages


SOURCE: http://www.fruitstreet.com/pricing/

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