President – Echelon-Health

doctor dpc guide checklistSEPTEMBER 15, 2015 – On October 1st Concierge Medicine and Direct Care practices across the nation will be celebrating a ICD-10 Holiday. That is the day >99% of the nation’s medical practices will be transitioning to a new coding system that is costing millions of dollars and countless headaches to implement. Concierge Medicine and Direct Care practices will avoid this massive inconvenience and will continue to concentrate on what they do best, providing personalized medical care.

So while ICD-10 will be a boon for the business of billing companies, billing consultants, medical software developers, medical publishers, and other assorted third-party intermediaries, it will unfortunately increase the time that doctors spend away from their patients and increase their billing documentation  burden tremendously.

Because of things like ICD-10, doctors are increasingly eschewing bureaucracy in their medical practices and going direct–Direct Care to patients. That’s it!