MISSOURI LAW: House Bill 769, sets up the DPC model for physicians to begin transitioning their practices. The law took effect Friday, August 28, 2015.

Most physicians did not go to medical school to fill out paperwork. Among other common complaints from physicians are: not enough time with patients, low reimbursement rates; third party payers and the list goes on.

Common complaints from patients are similar. Not enough time with a physician, high insurance costs, long wait times and much more.

Add to this the wholesale assault on American health care by Obamacare that has drastically increased the cost for everyone and people are left wondering what to do.

Enter Direct Primary Care a system that relies upon a medical retainer agreement between a patient and his/her physician. What is the difference? Imagine a system where you pay your physician $50.00 monthly instead of paying for an expensive insurance plan to deal with simple primary care needs. For the cost of a patient’s retainer you get unlimited visits, same day appointments, house calls, and you can fill your prescriptions in your doctor’s office.

Keith Frederick (3 days ago) “Patients and their doctors will innovate and discover ways to improve medical care in the free market that are not possible with the current system dominated by insurance companies and the government. Removal of obstacles is what is needed and HB 769 is a good start. Now let’s let patients and their doctors go to work.”

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, doctors who transition to direct care will enjoy decreased practice overhead, less exposure to risk (litigation), improved pay rates, more time with patients, reduced patient volume, and zero insurance filing. This translates into a better patient experience so the model is win/win. For patients and physicians interested the academy has a “tool kit” available for purchase to help doctors transition their practices.

Does this sound too good to be true? It shouldn’t. We are experiencing a long overdue market correction resulting from the abject failure of Obamacare and centralized medicine. Doctors and patients are yearning for a quality healthcare experience that empowers them. They are fed up with being beholden to government and insurance companies and they are slowly removing them from equation.

For too long we have listened to politicians talk about putting doctors and patients in control but with little results to show for their rhetoric until now. Joining a growing nationwide movement towards Direct Primary Care, two physician legislators stepped into the fray with legislation last year. House Bill 769, filed by Rep. Dr. Keith Frederick, R-Rolla, and handled by Sen. Dr. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis, sets up the Direct Primary Care model for physicians to begin transitioning their practices. The law took effect Friday, August 28, 2015.

With the law becoming reality the foundation is laid for physicians and patients to begin taking control their own healthcare once again. It’s about time.

SOURCE: http://www.missouriscorecard.org/direct-primary-care-a-21st-century-solution-to-a-big-government-problem/

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