Aspiring “Docpreneurs” find solutions to industry challenges thru DPC Mentors/Coaching ~Docpreneur Institute

Making a big decision for physicians feel like a small step in the right direction. DocPreneur Institute (DPI) Experts Know ‘How and When to Give Advice’ (Hint: It’s Not as Simple as You Think) … DPI Mentors/Coaches help aspiring “docpreneurs” find solutions to industry challenges.

docpreneur 2015MeetingMAY 29, 2015 | ATLANTA, GA – The Direct Primary Care Journal’s sister publication, Concierge Medicine Today announced the national launch of its mentoring and coaching network called The DocPreneur Institute (DPI). The DocPreneur Institute is a facility based in Atlanta, GA which will provide physicians, their staff, business leaders, investment organizations, startups and established Membership Medicine physician operators with an industry-centric place to which healthcare practitioners and professionals can come to learn and pursue success strategies used in free market healthcare today. This includes, both Concierge Medicine and its demographically diverse companion, Direct Primary Care (DPC). The DocPreneur Institute is now offering Mentor Meetings, Coaching Classes, and its educational learning material through relationships with industry experts, practicing physicians and Concierge Medicine Today’s digital and print library of resources and educational materials.

“You can’t grow professionally without connecting relationally,” says Catherine Sykes, Founder and CEO of The Docpreneur Institute. “After years of talking with physicians one-on-one we’ve found that if you want to be successful in this space [I.e. Membership Medicine], you need to have intentional relationships with other people who have the same goal. DPI is the ideal place for that. We have crafted educational environments to help doctors meet other physicians and industry experts who share the vision for affordable healthcare delivery. Young or old, physician or non-physician, dentist, family medical practitioner, or getting ready to retire, we have a place for you to connect, grow and learn.”


Docpreneur Institute 2015 mp3 New Release: (mp3 – TIME: 1 Hour, 18-Minutes) “Move With A Plan: Writing Your Own Membership Medicine Business Plan” | mp3 Download

In 2014, The Docpreneur Institute began developing its faculty of leading experts to provide Concierge and Membership Medicine physicians and their key staff and with expertise and insight to make better, more informed business decisions in the areas of Concierge Medicine, Direct Primary Care and other unique membership medicine healthcare delivery models. During its market research phase, Concierge Medicine Today received more than 300 inquiries from physicians. Offering weekly and monthly educational training calls; 1, 2 and 3 hour coaching calls; mentor meetings without any sales-pitch/pure information; and access to leading industry physicians and business experts, makes DPI an innovative industry resource and business connection through its vast network of faculty advisors and access to Monthly Coaching Classes, Physicians and others can greatly accelerate their learning curve.

doctors guide to concierge medicine

“DPI offers an innovative resource for Physicians and those interested in this industry to receive easy access to a wealth of expertise provided through the panel of faculty mentors vetted by DPI. Oftentimes doctors and others can receive out-dated and poor advice from those they thought understood the industry. DPI has brought together a faculty of respected thought leaders who are immersed in this field. I’m proud to be associated with it [The DocPreneur Institute],” says Terry Bauer, one of DPI’s Mentors with over 25 years in success having worked with physicians and expertise in primary care clinic management. Bauer leads the Strategy Practice at Stroudwater Associates and dedicates his efforts to strategy, affiliations and partnerships, and physician-hospital alignment. With a background of three decades as a healthcare executive, entrepreneur, and consultant, Bauer shares his insight at DPI in the areas of: Strategy, M&A, Capital Raising, Healthcare and more.

“Physicians are also a large part of our mentor and coaching network as well. The Docpreneur Institute is a great example of how the healthcare community-at-large can step up and in big ways to provide educational resources that support entrepreneurial success for physicians,” said Sykes. “Atlanta is one of a number of strong markets in Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care that is well-suited for startups, incubators and accelerators. We applaud our mentor faculty and partners for encouraging a rise in great entrepreneurial healthcare ecosystems throughout the U.S.”

Mentor Meet-Up | Atlanta, GA -- by The Docpreneur Insitute

Mentor Meet-Up | Atlanta, GA — by The Docpreneur Institute

DPI provides a space for physicians and entrepreneurs to collaborate with other healthcare providers, investors, mentors and resources that are crucial to accelerating the launch, entry and/or planned growth of a Concierge Medicine or Direct Primary Care businesses and to identify and develop solutions to pressing industry challenges. DPI clients include: primary care and family medicine physicians; specialty medical providers; investment firms; professional services firms; attorneys; consultancies; corporations; and non-profit organizations. The DPI faculty, staff and mentor network include: Concierge Medicine physicians; Direct Primary Care doctors; industry consultants; lawyers, senior and former c-level executives; and others bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to clients of DPI. DPI divides its experts by field of expertise, focusing on specific industries or disciplines serving the private medicine marketplace. DPI areas of capability include: Accounting and Financial Analysis; Products and Services; Financial and Business Services; Legal and Regulatory Affairs; Real Estate; Technology; Marketing, Public Relations; and Media Communication and Public Relations.

“It is extremely important to us that each of our trade publications continue to remain objective and serve as independent news and information resources, Sykes said. “In turn, by creating a Mentor and Coaching network that has independence and no allegiance to one company, model or strategy … and with the help of many physicians and business faculty, DPI can provide objective, unbiased and independent thought to those physicians exploring a career in free market medicine. I am personally very pleased with the institutional growth potential and market receptivity that The Docpreneur Institute has shown in our development phase. Since the initial collaboration with Concierge Medicine Today and The Direct Primary Care Journal readers, we are exploring opportunities to expand our class scope, coaching network and share this network of entrepreneurial resources more broadly with the healthcare community. Through these creative collaborations and the support of private interests aligned with this goal, we will continue to help physicians across the country and even in parts of the U.K., South America, Australia and in Canada move forward with their docpreneurial endeavors in the delivery of free market healthcare.”

cmt docpreneur 2015DPI’s web site, receives new inquiries for assistance, weekly.

For more information about The Docpreneur Institute, upcoming classes, their Mentor Matchup Program, and more, visit:

About The Docpreneur Institute

The Docpreneur Institute (DPI) is an entrepreneurial support system dedicated to bringing together the resources, support and opportunities that physician entrepreneurs need to start, build and grow their businesses in the areas of: Concierge Medicine and Direct Primary Care. Launched in 2015, The Docpreneur Institute connects physicians of all specialties with other like-minded physician mentors, corporations, investors, educators and other business and community leaders in order to advance the economic interests of the local Membership Medicine community. The Docrepenur Institute is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

Learn More at: or call (770) 455-1650

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