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DPCC: What are Our Most Pressing Issues? – MARCH 26th EVENT

By Direct Primary Care Coalition, Last Updated: Feb. 23, 2015

DPCC: What are Our Most Pressing Issues?

Congress and State Legislatures have recognized the need for changes in policy to help the DPC model grow and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare reform. Legislation to facilitate this new care model has, to date, focused on four key issues:

  • Correctly defining DPC as a healthcare service outside the scope of state insurance regulations.

  • Ensuring that DPC options are available to consumers buying coverage in health care exchanges under the Affordable Care Act (H.R.3590).

  • Ensuring proper tax treatment allowing HSAs to be used with DPC and allowing payments to DPC physicians to be considered a “qualified medical expense” by the IRS.

  • Allowing Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries to participate in DPC with their government benefits.

U.S. Senate Briefing on DPC Scheduled For March 26, 2015 12 p.m. S-115, Capitol Visitor’s Center

Join the Direct Primary Care Coalition (DPCC) Fly-In on March 25 -27 and attend a briefing in the U.S. Capitol with Sen. Bill Cassidy, MD who is preparing to introduce a bipartisan bill to bring DPC to Medicare beneficiaries and clarify the tax code so that DPC can be offered with Health Savings Accounts.

DPC Leadership Response To Washington State OIC Report: ‘Outlook for DPC is bright throughout U.S.’


DPCC, POLICY Initiatives in 2015: ‘DPC Bills Advance in FL, OK.’

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