Sneak Preview … DPC Journal to release 2015 Annual Report and Market Trends Summary, First Quarter.

By The DPC Journal Staff and Editors, 2015

SNEAK PREVIEW: Patient Education and Value Proposition to Your Local Community Remains Critical

Editor-In-Chief, Michael Tetreault | The DPC Journal

Editor-In-Chief, Michael Tetreault | The DPC Journal

“In Direct Primary Care (DPC), people have inherent, not ascribed value. There’s no class order … no first class or second class, just people for whom doctors serve each day. They’ve built clinics for children, families and people who are sick … and it is these visioneering physicians who are drawing attention to the cost of healthcare across the country and designing ways for it to be available and affordable for anyone. But there are significant differences between the two categories or sectors (e.g. Concierge Medicine and DPC) in healthcare and it’s time we learn what they are.” ~Michael Tetreault, Editor, The DPC Journal

The DPC Journal's will release its 2015 Annual Report and Market Trends Summary in the first quarter of 2015.

The DPC Journal’s will release its 2015 Annual Report and Market Trends Summary in the first quarter of 2015.

JANUARY 27, 2015 – “There are numerous small DPC Clinics employing between 2 and 3 staff members across the country,” notes the DPC Journal in its 2015 Annual Report and Market Trends Analysis to be released in the first quarter of 2015. “It is no secret that a lot of these physician operators tell us regularly that they struggle to acquire more patients. However, when we dig a little deeper and interview them one-on-one, we find that it is not because of the lack of interest in their transparent pricing or value they bring to each patient. Their slow growth is typically due to lack of proper business planning, their value proposition to the local community and undervaluing their time. Analysis between 2013-2015 is showing that a significant number of DPC operators have between 101-150 patients subscribing to their monthly model.”

Value Proposition and Patient Retention Service Trends

The DPCJ 2015 Annual Report also notes that more direct-pay doctors are incorporating a number of added-value services for their patients to aid in patient satisfaction and membership retention. Services include: Heart burn and gastrointestinal disorders; B12 injections; Vitamin deficiencies; Hormone balancing therapies; Mole checks; Testosterone injections; Medically supervised fat loss programs and a diverse collection of other wellness-focused and anti-aging solutions.

Models Prove Financial Viability, Lack Direct-Pay Specialists.

Another piece of good news is, as we have observed and reported on the national rise of the DPC sector over the past few years, 90% of the interviews, surveys and DPC physician polling data indicates that these practices are doing better financially than over one year ago, whereas, only 10% said they were doing worse nationwide.

Direct-pay models must expand to specialist and sub-specialists in order to displace the third-party payment model as the primary pathway to access medical care,” says Dr. Robert Nelson, a direct-pay physician in Cumming, GA.

What Patients & Social Media Says

A large number of Consumers (I.e. current patients and prospective patients) who read our Journal and books have some advice for DPC doctors … “If I’m paying any amount of a monthly subscription to see my doctor, you better know my name when I arrive and I sure shouldn’t have to tap on the glass when I walk-in. And please, move the phone to the back of the office so I don’t have to hear your staff calling in prescriptions or making specialist referral calls.’

More Good News in DPC To Come In 2015

“The outlook for DPC is bright throughout the U.S.,” says Michael Tetreault, The DPC Journal’s Editor-in-Chief.

DPC Journal’s Annual Report & Market Trends Analysis Will Be Available In the 1st Quarter of 2015 …

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