Sponsor a DPC Student Scholarship for the FMEC Meeting

September 19, 2014
FROM: THE FMEC (Family Medicine Education Consortium)

Dear DPC Supporter, (From: Family Medicine Education Consortium, Sept. 19, 2014)

We need your help to spread the “DPC message” to medical students and Family Medicine residents.

We believe interest in Direct Primary Care will increase next month when the AAFP announces their strategic plan “Family Medicine for America’s Health” during the October AAFP meeting. The DPC model has been embraced as one of the key methods that can be used to eliminate the RVU driven fee for service model that currently dominates primary care practice.

We would like to share the DPC message with the 275 medical students and 250 Family Medicine residents who will attend our annual meeting. The 2014 FMEC Northeast Region Meeting will be held October 24 – 26, in Arlington, Virginia, one Metro stop away from where our DPC Summit 2014 was held.

Dr. Erika Bliss and Dr. Brian Forrest will give a plenary on Saturday, October 25, followed by two tracks of presentations on DPC. These are designed especially for students and residents. We also hope to draw the attention of faculty as well. The FMEC is also building a community of faculty at the predoctoral and residency levels who can create curriculum that will educate students and residents about the DPC model.

Students are able to attend our meeting because we offer scholarships. We are hoping that members of the DPC community will be willing to sponsor a student so he/she can attend the meeting.

Student scholarships ($500 per student) cover registration, meals and lodging and are available for students from each medical within our region. Students are responsible for their travel. A contribution of any size will help support this work.

The more students who attend the meeting, the more who are exposed to the DPC model. Each student scholarship recipient receives a letter informing him/her of the source of their scholarship. Your commitment to their education about DPC will send a powerful message to the students.

We offer two methods of payment.  We can send you an invoice for your contribution, or you can use our PayPal button “Make a Donation” on our webpage.

Please make checks payable to:

  • The Family Medicine Education Consortium
  • Federal Tax Identification Number: 31-1436038
  • Please mail to the attention of:
  • Family Medicine Education Consortium, Inc.
  • 7150 Studebaker Road
  • Tipp City, OH  45371

The Family Medicine Education Consortium is a 501© (3) tax-exempt corporation.

Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Laurence Bauer, MSW, MEd

Family Medicine Education Consortium

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