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STUDY: Landmark Study Finds MDVIP Reduces Hospital Utilization and Healthcare Costs


SEPTEMBER 9, 2014 – For patients hoping a better relationship with their primary care doctor will make them healthier and keep them out of the hospital, the evidence is in. A landmark new study of personalized, preventive primary care medicine finds that a model like MDVIP can significantly reduce hospital visits and costs. Patients say it even improves their quality of life.

The two-year study explored preventive healthcare’s ability to improve outcomes by creating a closer, personalized physician-patient relationship and focusing on disease prevention for Medicare Advantage.

It’s long been known that patients of MDVIP (Value In Prevention) -affiliated physicians often enjoy improved care at greater savings to the healthcare system. This includes heightened attention to heart disease, diabetes, COPD, obesity and other chronic illnesses.

When compared to their counterparts in traditional primary care practices, the 2,300 MDVIP patients studied enjoyed a host of tangible, life-changing and financial benefits. In the first year alone, there was a 20% reduction in emergency room visits for MDVIP members, as compared to non-members. The second year of the study saw a reduction of 24%. The study also found a 19% decrease in the number of inpatient admissions for MDVIP members over the course of two years, when compared to their counterparts in traditional primary care practices.


Source: http://www.mdvip.com/community/blog/view/landmark-study-finds-mdvip-reduces-hospital-utilization-and-healthcare-costs

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