POLL: How many DPC practices accept insurance?

There is a trend nationally towards “Hybrid” DPC Practices. Does Your Practice? Why or Why Not?

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    • In my experience, there are two types of DPC models. Lifestyle models where physicians reduce the size of the practice and maintain minimal staffing, and offer a variety of services for a membership fee. We strongly urge all physicians not to have a fee less than 100/mo. Then there is the growth models for physicians who don’t mind the longer hours, but want to solidify income through growth. These models can include one or more mid-levels or additional physicians to provide services when the practice grows. But there is NO insurance billing. Instead of trying to manage two types of practices under one roof, and trying to accommodate Medicare rules regarding the structure of such entities, the DPC model is a partnership where all providers offer the service as a team.
      You are either a government Dr or a private Dr. Trying to have it both ways is a great way for a company to take advantage of selling things to your practice, but as has been shown frequently, a disservice to both Drs and members in our opinion.

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