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MONEY: Amnesty from medical debt?

Amnesty for Medical Debt?

Concierge Medicine Today

By Clark Howard

MAY 18, 2013 – Medical debt is damaging the credit of right around 30 million people, according to the latest figures I’ve seen. What floors me about this problem is how it’s both completely stealth and something that’s so easily fixed once you know about it.

You would expect that damaged credit because of medical debt would be a problem for the uninsured. But the untold story here is that people with insurance get their credit trashed because of balance billing mix-ups.

Here’s the scenario: You give your insurance card over, you get seen by the doctor and then you get a bill in the mail for the portion that insurance didn’t pay. So you pay it and it’s done, right? Well, not exactly. You pay it and you think you’re done.

But because medical back-office billing is often the most chaotic part of any doctor’s practice…

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