TECH. and EMR: Zweena LLC Supports Vision of Direct Primary Care by Providing EMR for Providers and Patients

FAQs and DPCPRINCETON, New Jersey, May 6, 2014 – Zweena LLC, an innovator of personal health record solutions, is showing their support to the direct primary care movement by providing tools and creating a community for physicians in this emerging health care delivery system. A dedicated area of the Zweena website has been created for these medical pioneers that includes a cost-savings calculator, an interview with a Kansas-based direct primary care physician and more.

Of the focus on direct primary care, Zweena Founder and CEO John Phelan said, “Our number one goal has always been to encourage people to take a more active role in their health. The goal of direct primary care physicians line up well with our philosophy: they focus on establishing a deeper relationship with their patients and offer more technologically advanced solutions around patient health information. Engaging patients both in and beyond the office visit is the key to delivering a better total care experience.”

The Zweena Health Direct Primary Care Provider Time & Money-Savings Calculator is a customizable tool that allows physicians and their office staff to see how much money the Zweena medical record collection service would save their clinic. For new direct primary care providers, trimming costs and keeping overhead low is vital as they build their practice. The ability to see past medical records of their patients provides the valuable benefit to analyze a complete 360-degree view of their patients’ health.

In addition, Zweena Health has helped create Direct Primary Care Connection, a listing of direct primary care providers for both providers and patients. Direct primary care providers are added free of cost while giving patients an easy place to find a primary care doctor in their area. Visit for more information.

About Direct Primary Care

direct care doctorThe direct primary care movement is surging in America as consumers demand better medical care. This return to the roots of a family physician, as heralded by the direct primary care community, has doctors taking notice. According to a survey from Accenture, one in three doctors in independent practice will adopt “subscription-based care models.” And in a survey of 14,000 physicians from The Physicians Foundation, 1 in 10 practice owners are planning a transition from traditional to concierge practices in the next 1-3 years.

About Zweena Health

Zweena LLC is an innovator of personal health solutions focused on empowering healthcare consumers and changing the way an individual uses their own health information. Started by John Phelan in 2006, Zweena’s employees call the Princeton, New Jersey area home. Learn more at and follow Zweena on Twitter at @ZweenaHealth.

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