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AAFP: Defining Direct Primary Care

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May 06, 2014 08:45 pm – Kansas City, Mo. – So what’s all the buzz about DPC? In his opening statement, Forrest clarified that he wasn’t giving a presentation on concierge medicine, a model of care associated with high-cost membership practices that often target wealthy Americans and cater to business executives with deep pockets.Instead, direct primary care offers accessible and affordable health care services to patients in all socioeconomic groups by charging reasonable fees that are paid directly by patients or their employers.

Importantly, insurance companies are not a part of this picture. “In 13 years, I’ve never taken a single dollar from an insurance company,” Forrest told his audience.

Keep in mind, it’s the absence of insurance hassles — and the necessary army of staff members needed to deal with those daily eruptions — that help practices achieve huge decreases in their overhead expenses. That’s what enables physicians in DPC practices to keep their patient panel sizes reasonable and their prices affordable.

Physicians in traditional practice models envy Forrest’s daily patient volume. “I see about 12 patients a day; 16 is the max,” he said. Furthermore, DPC allows him to offer “high-quality, equal-access care for everyone.”

Forrest recounted for his audience what he called “the most powerful and rewarding moment” he’d ever experienced in his practice.


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Source: http://www.aafp.org/news/practice-professional-issues/20140506forrestdpctalk.html

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