Op/Ed: “The End of Health Insurance as We Know It?”

The End of Health Insurance as We Know It?

Analysis by Walter Russell Mead & Staff

MAY 15, 2013 – Up to one-third of independently practicing physicians in the US may soon stop using health insurance as we have come to think of it. Kaiser Health News reports on attempts by health care practices to change how they do business as a result of shifting industry patterns, the uncertainty created by the ACA, and the public pressure on them to offer better and cheaper care.

One of the most notable experiments is the so-called “subscription model,” in which a patient pays a basic monthly flat fee to a practice that covers the costs of all basic services. We’ve written about this model before. Though it sounds like health insurance by another name, it manages to cut out a lot of the administrative overhead of that method, saving both the practice and the patient money. According to Kaiser Health news, the subscription model may soon be coming to a primary care physician near you …


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