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Nationwide Study of DPC, Retainer and Cash-Pay Medicine Practices Being Conducted by HIMSS and George Mason University: Direct Primary Care Journal (DPCJ) Encourages Participation In This National Industry Wide Survey –

The Direct Primary Care Journal (DPCJ) Encourages Participation In This National Industry Wide Survey –  


Contact: Divya Srinivasan, dsriniv2@masonlive.gmu.edu | Michael Tetreault, Tel: 770-455-1650

himss concierge medicine survey 2013 DPCOCTOBER 25, 2013 – The Direct Primary Care Journal (DPCJ) and it’s research arm, The Collective, announced today that Divya Srinivasan, PhD student at George Mason University, and global health and IT leader, HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society), are collaborating on an academic study on “direct pay/ retainer” medical practices. The survey, led by public policy student, Srinivasan, is seeking participants to complete a 52-question survey inside “concierge” medical practices (e.g., boutique medicine, retainer medicine, direct primary care, and other types of fee for care medical practices).

Participants will receive an Amazon gift card or a donation to the charity of their choice in exchange for their time and willingness to participate via e-mail. Please contact Divya Srinivasan directly by email (dsriniv2@masonlive.gmu.edu) if you prefer to answer questions through a phone or in-person interview or have any other questions.

“I am looking at trends in the concierge medicine and direct primary care practices,” says Srinivasan. “I am currently working on an academic project for my dissertation, which is being funded by HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society. We would like to encourage as many physicians and practices in the industry to participate as possible.”

concierge medicine dpc cardEligible participants include:

  • Physicians that either own or partially own the direct pay private practices.
  • Office managers with 1+ years of experience at the practice (in lieu of the physician).
  • One physician/office manager at a practice that is affiliated with a hospital or hospital wing.
  • Physicians in practices that participate in a provider network, coalition, directory or franchise of retainer medicine or DPC. (MDVIP, Concierge Choice, MedLion, Qliance, The Direct Primary Care Journal Directory of Physicians, Concierge Medicine Today, AAPP are examples).
  • Please note: All responses will be anonymous and de-identified.

turquoise-start-here-button“Industry-wide participation from across the country is key to the success and organization of a study of this magnitude,” said Michael Tetreault, Editor of The Direct Primary Care Journal, the industry’s news outlet and trade journal. “We’re asking physicians, office managers, hospitals and industry thought leaders to participate and take this survey as soon as they can. Any research and data conducted in this field further enforces the value and positive effect that direct medical care [and its family of medical practice models, i.e. direct primary care, boutique practices’, retainer based medicine, etc.] is having on patients and the healthcare marketplace across America and abroad.”

Results from the discovery and survey will be published when completed here at The Direct Primary Care Journal and on the HIMSS web site in the coming months, once research is completed and analyzed.

Interested participants can access the survey HERE. Or, visit: http://dsriniv2.limequery.com/index.php/918655/lang-en

DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for BULK DELIVERIES -- $9.95 (1-Copy) | $54.95 (10-Pack) | $144.95 (25-Pack)
DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE for BULK DELIVERIES — $9.95 (1-Copy) | $54.95 (10-Pack) | $144.95 (25-Pack)

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About The Collective

The Collective is a research and data depository created by The Direct Primary Care Journal (DPCJ) and its sister publication, Concierge Medicine Today (CMT). The Collective is an independent health care research and data collection depository of the multimedia news and trade publication, DPCJ and CMT based in Atlanta, GA. The Collective serves as an educational resource on all things direct primary care and concierge medicine and is geared towards those businesses, lobbyists, physician associations, health care advocacy groups and general consumers of healthcare who want to learn more about information available on the topic of direct primary care and concierge medicine. The Collective works in partnership with Universities, physicians, associations, businesses, individuals and even Graduate medical Students to further advance the educational awareness and facts surrounding unanswered questions about concierge medicine care in the U.S. and Canada. For more information, visit: http://www.AskTheCollective.org.


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