Inside Your Practice: Free self-serve diagnostic health equipment.

By Clark Howard,

handheldecgSEPTMEBER 24, 2013 – If you’re skittish about seeing a doctor, there’s a new self-serve technology that could give you an early warning sign of danger and possibly save your life.

I read in The Minneapolis Star Tribune about these devices being installed in retail stores like Sam’s Club and Walmarts. The newspaper reports there are 3,000 of these machines across the country.

Solo Health is one particular brand out there and their device gives you a mini-physical. It checks vision, assesses your risk of heart disease, and takes you through a health and wellness questionnaire.

Of course, there’s no substitute for going to a real life medical practitioner!

But this can be a real lifesaver for guys in particular, because all too often they put their health on ignore and end up dying from silent killers more so than women. If you’re the girlfriend or wife of some guy who always ignores his health, sit him down at one of these machines!

This is way past just taking blood pressure. Again, it’s not a substitute for real care, but if you get a warning message, go directly to see a real medical practitioner and find out what’s going on. It could save your life.


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