Social Driver’s Top 10 Tech Startups to Watch in 2013: Sherpaa

By: Emily Williamson

Startups had a great year in 2012 but 2013 is looking even better.  The most successful startups this year are bringing innovation to mainstream industries in need of disruption.  Here’s the startups you should be watching in 2013:


Crowdtilt LogoCrowdtilt is the easiest way to collect, fundraise, or pool money with your group… for anything!  With Crowdtilt you can easily bring your friends together to pitch in for something as small as a birthday present, football tailgate, drinks for a party, all the way to something as big as a community project or a large fundraiser for the Red Cross. The best part is that nobody gets charged until everybody has committed to pay.


Fab is changing the way people discover and connect with greatly designed products.  On Cyber Monday 2012 the company sold $1.3million worth of products and recently launched in the UK.  They’re in for a great year and leading the way in a changing e-commerce atmosphere.


Getaround is shaking up the transportation industry and solving car overpopulation.  The company is bringing carsharing to everyone in a safe and fun environment.  You simply log-on, rent a car from someone nearby, and get going.  With a recent expansion to Chicago they’re making their way into a city near you soon!


LendUp is bringing tech innovation to payday loans.  LendUp provides a simple online or mobile loan application and grant process along with ways to earn Trust Rewards.  The Trust Rewards aim help customers rebuild credit and reach long-term financial wellbeing.


Coursera Logo Coursera is a social entrepreneurship company that partners with the top universities in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free. The company envisions a future where the top universities are educating not only thousands of students, but millions. With Coursera adding top-notch universities daily to their course list in the US and internationally it is on its way to being a global education leader.  The company also recently announced it will be partnering with the American Council on Education to eventually offer college transfer credit for some courses.


sherpaa1Sherpaa helps companies optimize health coverage plans and then provides them with around the clock email and phone access to their network of friendly, tech-savvy doctors.  Since launching in NYC this past year, they’ve saved companies from Tumblr to Skillshare thousands in unnecessary health fees, optimizing their insurance plans and advising on healthcare usage to ensure dollars are spent wisely. Companies that use Sherpaa pay a minimal monthly fee and end up saving many times that in health costs, creating for a service that pays for itself. Innovation in healthcare has come at last.


Google Analytics Tells You What Happened, KISSmetrics Tells You Who Did It.  Instead of vanity metrics such as bounce rates or time on site, KISSmetrics focuses on people tracking.  People tracking enables KISSMetrics to impact your business in a positive way by showing metrics that other analytics solutions can’t, such as: true conversion rates, lifetime value of customers, how users engage with your website or app over time through a co-hort, and even churn data.


With participation ever increasing in adult sport leagues the headache from managing leagues and teams is also increasing.  RecBob is harnessing the power of social networking and back-end smarts to change the way team members interact off the field.  RecBob is an app that manages adult rec sports teams, making them easy, fun and more social. He sends game reminders, collects payments, tracks who’s in and who’s out on game day and finds subs as needed so rosters are always full!


Platfora is making big data relevant and usable.  The company’s platform transforms raw data in Hadoop into interactive, in-memory business intelligence with none of the IT friction or complexity of existing approaches.  Platfora allows business professionals access raw data that has been previously hidden in data warehouses.


Sponsorfied brings brands and opportunities together through specially designed software. The company launched in August 2012 and has already facilitated 200 sponsorship deals.  Sponsorfied is looking to do for sponsorship what Google did for targeted adds.

What tech startups are you most excited for in 2013?



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