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TECHNOLOGY: Best App for Finding A Private-Pay, Direct Care Doc

Best App for Finding A Direct Pay, Direct Care Doc

concierge doc appJULY 22, 2013 | Atlanta, GA – Concierge Doc, the concierge medicine and direct primary care’s first-ever mobile application (app) was developed by the entrepreneur and Editor behind Concierge Medicine Today who between meetings, noticed there was no easy way to find a concierge or direct primary care doctor on his smart phone. The new, free mobile app, Concierge Doc, can instantly find a concierge doctor, a direct primary care physician, a cash-only family medical doctor or a retainer-based concierge physician specialist in more than 100 cities – and many take your insurance.

COOLEST FEATURE: Use the free app to find breaking news, read the history of concierge medicine, locate a doctor and access educational resources to help familiarize yourself with this growing medical delivery model.

“This app was built to service the consumer [e.g. patients],” says Michael Tetreault, Editor-In-Chief of Concierge Medicine Today. “More and more people are turning to their mobile device to find information. In continue with our mission to innovate and connect people with trusted education, we’ve developed a free app, Concierge Doc that people can use to find [concierge and direct care] doctors all over the country.”

The Concierge Doc app organizes data in a simple set of tabs that are all easily accessible at the bottom of the app for a certain amount of ease. Concierge Doc is the first mobile app designed specifically for the concierge medicine and direct primary care marketplace and created by the team at Concierge Medicine Today, the trade publication for the concierge medicine and direct primary care industry.

Concierge Doc is a free app available on iTunes, Android Marketplace and Google Play. Concierge Doc requires iOS 5.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and Android smart phone devices. Visit www.ConciergeMedicineToday.com to access the direct links, iTunes App Store or Android Marketplace.

Download Free Today …

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About Concierge Medicine Today

Concierge Medicine Today (CMT), is the premier news and multi-media organization and the industry’s oldest national trade publication for the direct primary care and concierge medicine marketplace. Their web site is the online destination for business, consumers and physicians to learn about the history of this industry, various business aspects of the marketplace, trends, breaking news and more that drive the conversation and generate the national buzz that concierge medicine and direct primary care is creating on a national and international level. For more information, visit: http://www.ConciergeMedicineToday.com.

Sign-Up Your Doctor’s Office And Be Listed On The App

Doctor’s can sign-up and create a profile on the App for just $5.95 per year. Visit www.FindPrivateClinics.us — to sign-up.

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