Legal and Regulatory Issues: From Telemedicine Everywhere to Telemedicine Anywhere.

American Telemedicine Association President-Elect Ed Brown, M.D., founder and CEO of the Ontario Telemedicine Network, coined this phrase at the American Telemedicine Association annual meeting.Dr. Brown made the point that telemedicine is growing out of the status of an innovative add-on technological extender to conventional health care, to an essential part of all patient health care.

As a corollary, Dr. Brown suggested that telemedicine, far from being overly technological, is actually personal and brings personalized medicine to the patient.


The lack of uniform licensure across states–in large part, a function of the Tenth Amendment reservation to the states of the power to govern health, safety, welfare, and morals–continues to frustrate advocates of a more ubiquitous telemedicine practice.  And, depending on statutory language, even a phone call from a physician to a patient who has traveled out of state for vacation can constitute telemedicine practice

For consultation regarding legal issues related to your telehealth practice, contact the Michael H. Cohen Law Group.

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